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GECC Outreach Initiative (Open handout below)

5/4/2016 Terry Peer  Matthew 28:19-20  

GECC Outreach Initiative Video

5/4/2016 Terry Peer   

Psalms of Life and Faith-1A

9/26/2017 Terry Peer  1A-Introduction 

Psalms of Life and Faith-1B

9/26/2017 Terry Peeer  1B-Psalm 1-2 

Psalms of Life and Faith-2B

10/3/2017 Terry Peer  2B-Psalms About Gods Creation 

Psalms of Life and Faith-2A

10/3/2017 Terry Peer  2A-Psalms About God 

Psalms of Life and Faith-3B

10/10/2017 Terry Peer  3B-Psalms of Prayer 

Psalms of Life and Faith-3A

10/10/2017 Terry Peer  3A-Psalms About Worship & Praise 

Psalms of Life and Faith-4A

10/17/2017 Terry Peer  4A-Psalms of THE MESSIAH-Part 1 

Psalms of Life and Faith-4B

10/18/2017 Terry Peer  4B-Psalms of THE MESSIAH-Part 2 

Psalms of Life and Faith-5A

10/24/2017 Terry Peer  5A-Psalms of Truth-1 

Psalms of Life and Faith-5B

10/24/2017 Terry Peer  5B-Psalms of Truth-2 

Psalms of Life and Faith-6A

10/31/2017 Terry Peer  6A-Psalms of GUIDANCE 

Psalms of Life and Faith-6B

10/31/2017 Terry Peer  6B-Psalms of LAMENT 

Psalms of Life and Faith-7A

11/7/2017 Terry Peer  7A-Psalms of CONFESSION 

Psalms of Life and Faith-7B

11/7/2017 Terry Peer  7B-Psalms of CURSES 

Psalms of Life and Faith-8A

11/14/2017 Terry Peer  8A-Psalms of Wisdom 

Psalms of Life and Faith-8B

11/14/2017 Terry Peer  8B-Psalms of Trust and Hope 

Victory In Jesus-1B

3/6/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation: Considerations 

Victory In Jesus-1A

3/6/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:Introduction 

Victory In Jesus-2A

3/13/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:Christ's Presence Amid Tested Congregations 

Victory In Jesus-2B

3/13/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:God is on His Throne 

Victory In Jesus-3A

3/20/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:Worthy is The Lamb 

Victory In Jesus-3B

3/20/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Panoramas of the Church Age 

Victory In Jesus-4A

3/27/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Opening of the Seven Seals 

Victory In Jesus-4B

3/27/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Sounding of the Seven Trumpets 

Victory In Jesus-5A

4/3/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Seven Personages 

Victory In Jesus-5B

4/3/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Seven Personages(Continued) 

Victory In Jesus-6A

4/10/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Seven Bowls of Wrath 

Victory In Jesus-6B

4/10/2018 Terry Peer  Revelation:The Seven Bowls of Wrath(Continued) 

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