News and Updates

News and Updates

Several Bible Studies under way. Check out the calendar for dates and times.



Have you missed any of our Sunday Sermon Series?
Not too late, classes and sermons are recorded, and still available here on our web


Check out several of our special series on topics like the Blessed Assurance, Holy Spirit, Revelation, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and many more - If you are like most of us, these subjects are very interesting but also has many parts that can be very confusing.  These studies answers many questions and brings a wonderful new appreciation for these Special Study topics.  These classes are still available in their entirety here on our web.

If you were not able to attend one of the special presentations of the GECC Outreach Initiative, please listen to the audio and follow along with the provided notes, both are located in the "Audio/Video Downloads: section of this website.  You will be excited as you listen and discover that there is something very "doable" for everyone no matter what age we may be.   Pray for this and seek guidance as to where our God wants to use you in this Outreach action

Always remember how important you are in sharing God's love and word throughout the world.